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C-Suite Consulting is now "C-Suite Equity Consulting"!


C-Suite Equity Consulting is an award-winning consulting firm specializing in innovative approaches to equity, justice, and social impact challenges. We work to improve quality of life, ensure diversity and inclusion in decision-making, and increase access to opportunity. We invite you to partner with us as we continue the work of making urban spaces equitable places. 


Our past projects have resulted in landmark multi-million dollar grant awards and investments for our clients, peer-reviewed industry awards for our innovative solutions, changed perspectives and approaches in workplaces, and community-focused impact and investment that has improved the lives of people of color in urban environments. We look forward to continuing to further our impact through partnerships with clients like you.


Our solutions span various subject matter, geographic location, and institution size to ensure positive social impact is made at every level. 


Our work has resulted in life-changing  investments in communities, training, and resource allocation to support individuals and neighborhoods.

15 YRS+

Our diverse team of experts bring decades of experience in planning, design, policy, sports administration, law, and more to serve our clients well.

Who Are We


We are honored to serve our clients with consultative solutions that foster community and workplace wellness through strategy, research, capacity building, and speaking.


These services leverage our team's diverse expertise to provide a holistic and collaborative approach to creating innovative social impact solutions. 


We provide holistic and innovative approaches to facilitate racial, social, environmental and economic equity and justice.

We work with our clients to create communities and organizations that are holistically well and equitable places to live, work and play.

We collaborate with organizations, communities, and other partners to redress racism in social, environmental and economic contexts.



Browse CSEC's equity, justice, and DEIB resources. 


Engage with CSEC's equity, justice, and DEIB trainings. 

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