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5 YEARS OF IMPACT | Starting at the Beginning

As we celebrate 5 years of business, we are excited to take time to look back over the projects we've completed, the relationships we've built, and the impact we've made - together.



Our first project goes all the way back to the end of 2018 with the start of the Community Driven Growth: A Roadmap for Dallas' Equitable Development Project. This $400,000 PRO Neighborhoods Grant (Partnerships for Raising Opportunity in Neighborhoods) project through JPMorgan Chase Foundation, in partnership with the Muse Family Foundation, was awarded to The Real Estate Council Community Fund (now TREC Community Investors) who enlisted C-Suite Consulting (now C-Suite Equity Consulting), bcWorkshop, the Institute for Urban Policy Research, and Loveland Technologies (now Regrid) as subject matter experts.


What made this project unique, and honestly where the core of the success was catalyzed, was in the partnerships with community organizations, including: The Golden S.E.E.D.S. Foundation, CitySquare (now The Forest Theater), St. Philip's School and Community Center, Builders of Hope, and Cornerstone Baptist Church. These community quarterbacks lent their years of service, community relationships, and local expertise to ensure engagement, findings, and next steps were in tune with the true needs and voices of the communities they served.


C-Suite Equity Consulting served as project manager overseeing timely project completion and contributing to community engagement and report writing for the development of an equitable development plan for three neighborhoods facing rapid transition in Dallas, including the Bottom, the Forest District, and West Dallas Census Tract 205. The final plan can be viewed here.


JPMorgan Chase Foundation Staff & Members of the Community Driven Growth Project Team at the Dallas Collaborative for Equitable Development Announcement (October 2019)
Members of the Community Driven Growth Project Team at the Dallas Collaborative for Equitable Development Announcement (October 2019)

The planning grant was successful, and a subsequent, and record-breaking, $6 million grant was awarded to implement the Community Driven Growth Plan through the Dallas Collaborative for Equitable Development (DCED). This continued investment from the JPMorgan Chase Foundation funded entrepreneurship resources and training services, job skills and workforce training, and funding for land acquisition and construction costs for affordable housing.


DCED recently concluded in 2023; past reports on the program can be found here. More information about Dallas College Venture Club - the entrepreneurship center at Dallas College created through DCED funding - can be viewed here.


A tremendous thank you to all that worked on and contributed to the success of this project. We learned from each of you and were forever influenced in how we do our work. We thank you for your commitment, partnership, and expertise.


This project allowed me to start independently consulting during the last year of my PhD program in Urban Planning & Public Policy at The University of Texas at Arlington. I wanted a "flexible option", to gain experience while I finished my dissertation, instead of an "option" it quickly turned into a passion that allowed me to marry my skills in research, rapport building, strategy development, policy, teaching, and data analysis. Consulting, what was once supposed to be my retirement hobby, became my primary vehicle for creating change and making impact, and I am forever grateful.



We pause to celebrate the tireless commitment and deep contributions of Mr. Raul Reyes, and all he gave to lead, protect, catalyze, and build the West Dallas community. His passing was a tremendous loss to the City of Dallas, but the legacy he left continues to speak loudly. Thank you for a lifetime of impact, Raul. Rest well. (Mr. Reyes is pictured at the top right of the plan cover photo.)


We hope you enjoyed this first trip down memory lane with us!


We look forward to sharing more about our past work, latest updates, recent projects, and new offerings with you. We look forward to the ways we will partner to create new opportunities and spaces where innovation meets impact.


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